How I was able to enjoy my vacation without stressing about money.

I have a confession to make. I’m a recovering penny pincher. Being a penny pincher comes from stress brought about by years of scarcity. I tend to have a tough time enjoying any vacation without stressing about the money.

When I was approximately seven years old, we took a family…

This is something that hit me a couple of weeks ago. The phenomenon of FOMO. FOMO aka “fear of missing out”. Is anxiety that one feels that others are having or experiencing something they are not. Marketing companies have known this for years and some will actively work to make…

Here I am late at night tossing and turning trying to fall asleep and I can’t. I am getting progressively tired but my brain just won’t shut off. I get this at least once a month where I can’t fall asleep. It drives me nuts. I want to sleep and…

Nate Meharg

Software Project Manager at Life.Church, Real Estate Investor, Personal Finance Aficionado, Agile Loyalist, Table Top Gamer, and Jesus Follower

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